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15 Best Summer Tours in Iceland You Will Never Forget

We created a list of the top summer guided tours in Iceland run only by the best local tour companies. There are hundreds of trip providers in Iceland and it may be hard to choose the proper one. We went through almost all summer excursions and picked the top activities where your experience is guaranteed to be unforgettable!

You can see many magnificent places in Iceland on your own, but not all of them. You can’t fly a helicopter, raft in a river, watch a whale or hike a glacier by yourself in Iceland. But you can take the guided tour! The list below includes family tours, tours for solo travelers as well as tours for adventure seekers.

The list below is NOT just the random internet pick with affiliate links. We REALLY went through these tours and even personally took most of them. We guarantee that all the companies mentioned below are great and highly knowledgeable local companies, you will enjoy dealing with 🙂

This website may contain affiliate links and we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. This helps us cover running costs of this website.

Map of the best summer tours in Iceland

1. Super Jeep tours

thorsmork winter super jeep tour

Thórsmörk super jeep tour by, 10% discount code: EPICICELAND10

Super jeep tours in Iceland are the safest and most comfortable way to enjoy the spectacular Icelandic highlands. Some places, like Thórsmörk, are unbelievably beautiful yet very hard to access. This is where a local guide steps in and safely makes it through all the river crossings with his super jeep.

We prefer small local companies with amazing reviews for guided highlands tours. Why? The groups are very small, every trip is unique, the guides are often very sincere and funny, and you support little-known family companies. Beautiful examples of such companies are

All three have 5* reviews only and will give you a unique local experience.

1.1. Thórsmörk

private thorsmork super jeep tour

Private Thórsmörk super jeep tour by, 10% discount code: EPICICELAND

If you can pick only one tour, then go for the Thórsmörk super jeep tour, and you will not regret it! Þórsmörk is one of the most beautiful places in the Icelandic highlands, but it’s hard to get there safely. There are multiple treacherous river crossings where a local guide with a super jeep will greatly help.

We carefully chose our local Thórsmörk tour companies, and we think the best are small family companies Midgard Adventure, Glaciers and Waterfalls, and IcePic Journeys. They have fabulous 5* reviews, always as few people on board as possible, and some of Iceland’s best and funniest guides. Yes, we also tried different, slightly cheaper tours, but none were as great as the ones with Midgard, Glaciers and Waterfalls, and IcePic Journeys.

1.2. Landmannalaugar

landmannalaugar summer guided tour

Landmannalaugar guided tours

The two best south-highlands tours are undoubtedly Þórsmörk and a Landmannalaugar super jeep tour. Yes, you can definitely visit Landmannalaugar on your own if you prepare well, choose your car wisely and plan your trip accordingly. For those who don’t want to plan, we highly recommend taking one of the four best Landmannalaugar tours we hand-picked for you:

Every single one of the top-notch companies we selected above will maximize your day so that you can enjoy the most of Landmannalaugar in 1 day to the fullest. The smaller the group (and the more expensive the tour), the more they will take you to hidden corners along the road and adjust your pace according to your needs.

Everything is possible only during private tours 🙂 We totally recommend private tours (10% discount code: EPICICELAND) for those seeking a fully personal experience.

For photo tours, be sure to check out IcePic Journeys and use a 10% discount code: EPICICELAND.

1.3. Fjallabak

fjallabak super jeep tour iceland

Fjallabak super jeep tour by, 10% discount code: EPICICELAND10

Want to be entirely alone exploring harsh Icelandic highlands? Want to see the ethereal Maelifell Volcano? Then take a fantastic Fjallabak super jeep tour by Midgard Adventure!

We offer our readers an exclusive 10% discount code: EPICICELAND10 for Midgard

1.4. Askja

askja oskjuvatn viti

Super jeep tour to Askja

If you are staying in the north, a must-see tour is the Askja super jeep tour. Askja is an otherworldly crater full of azure blue water, where you can actually even bathe when the conditions are right! Can you visit Askja on your own? Yes, you can, but it again requires a lot of planning and renting a proper car. If you don’t want to organize this on your own, then taking a guided tour is recommended.

Not many tours will actually take you to Askja because it takes a lot of driving to reach it. But man, that drive is more than just worth it! The best local company doing tours to Askja is Star Travel. We personally know the owner, and he’s a very funny and friendly guy, and so is his entire family company 🙂 Highly recommended!

1.5. Kerlingarfjöll

kerlingarfjoll hveradalir stairs

Kerlingarfjöll guided tour

If we had to make a list of the best highlands tours, the Kerlingarfjöll guided tour would definitely be at the top of it. Kerlingarfjöll is a place like no other in Iceland and everybody who has been there will only confirm this to you. It’s located in the heart of the Icelandic highlands and it takes a lot of driving to reach it. If you want to see Kerlingarfjöll on your own, read our guide on how to visit Kerlingarfjöll.

The top Kerlingarfjöll tour is run from Akureyri by Star Travel, an amazing local company with only 5* reviews and a lot of highlands experience. This is one of the authentic Icelandic family companies that will make your trip even more unique.

2. Helicopter tours

helicopter tour iceland

Best helicopter tours in Iceland are run by Nordurflug

If you want to fly over Iceland physically, not just in the cinema, then taking a helicopter flight tour is the single best option 🙂 When it comes to helicopter tours in Iceland, it’s easy to find the best company. It’s called Nordurflug, or (that is the same company) and we are proud to offer our readers a 5% discount on all their amazing tours. And boy, there are so many of them!

Whether you want to fly over a glacier, fly near a volcano, fly above the highlands, or just fly above Reykjavik, you can do all of these and more with Nordurflug’s award-winning flights.

3. Rafting

iceland rafting

Best Iceland rafting tour by Viking Rafting from Akureyri

4.1. Akureyri

Want to try one of the best adventure tours in Iceland? It’s an easy choice then, go for the rafting tours by Viking Rafting from Akureyri and Varmahlíð! Icelandic canyons are nothing less than stunning. Now imagine not only observing the canyon from the top but also sailing down the river in the canyon! Well.. or better said rafting down. Sounds scary? Not that much with experienced guides!

Luckily enough, there’s a 5***** Icelandic company that puts both safety and fun in the first place. Be prepared to get wet, though! (Not too much, don’t be afraid). Viking Rafting is a top-notch Icelandic tour company with 5/5 ratings. They will serve you a rafting experience you will never forget!

4.2. Reykjavik

Can’t go all the way to Varmahlíð and still want to try spectacular Icelandic rafting experience? You’re lucky! An amazing company called Arctic Rafting has been doing rafting tours in river Hvítá near Golden Circle since 1985! Yes, for almost 40 years! They’ve got wonderful reviews and you can either drive straight to the pickup point or take their transfer from Reykjavik.

4. Whale watching

north sailing whale watching

Best Whale watching in Iceland by North Sailing

You’ve probably already heard about whale watching in Iceland. This is one of the most popular Icelandic tours. And there is a reason why. Watching whales, dolphins, seals, and puffins in their natural habitat is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. A whale tour is also probably the best summer tour for families in Iceland.

Whale watching is also an activity you simply have to book the tour for. Unless you have your own boat :). There are tens, if not hundreds, of different whale-watching tours. We reviewed all of them and picked the best 2 for you.

4.1. Húsavík

best whale watching husavik

Traditional whale watching from Husavik

If we had to pick the single best whale-watching tour in Iceland we would choose traditional whale watching by North Sailing from Husavik. There’s a reason why all the best whale-watching companies in Iceland reside in Husavik. Husavik is the best place in Europe to see whales, that’s why it is also called the whale-watching capital of Europe. If you want to maximize your chances of seeing the whales in Iceland, then definitely come to Husavik.

And why North Sailing and why the traditional boat and not a RIB boat? North Sailing is the oldest whale-watching company in Iceland with 30+ years of history, a great fleet, cool guides, and tons of knowledge about whales. If there are any whales in the bay, be sure that North Sailing will find them!

Moreover, a traditional boat is safer, more considerate towards sea life and the environment, have lower chances you will get seasick, and is definitely more comfortable and warmer. The chances of seeing the whales are the same for both boat types because they visit the same spots in the bay.

top whale watching husavik

Whale-watching tour from Húsavík

4.2. Akureyri

The second highest chances of seeing the whales in Iceland are in an Akureyri fjord. The best Akureyri whale-watching company is undoubtedly Elding:

4.3. Reykjavik

Reykjavik has lower chances of spotting the whales compared to Húsavík, but hey, Húsavík is no.1 in the world, and chances in Reykjavik are also good! So in case your itinerary doesn’t stretch to Husavik or Akureyri, you can still see the whales even in the vicinity of Reykjavik. We went through all of them and picked the best wooden boat whale-watching from Reykjavik and also the best RIB boat whale-watching:

5. Horse riding

icelandic horse riding snaefellsnes beach

Horse riding on a Snaefellsnes beach

Honestly, we are not much into guided tours, but horse riding tours are one of our favorite summer activities in Iceland. The reason why is simple – it’s one of the best summer tours for nature lovers in Iceland. You will enjoy Iceland slowly, to the fullest, and so close to nature and the countryside. We picked a few tours in different parts of Iceland we consider the best horseback riding tours in Iceland.

The Icelandic horse is one of a kind. It is a unique breed of horse, exclusive solely to Iceland. Icelandic horses are smaller compared to “regular horses”, so it’s a bit easier to ride them. There’s even a law that states that it’s not allowed to breed any other type of horse in here. And once the Icelandic horse leaves the island, he’s not even allowed to come back. So – it’s some kind of a secluded, exclusive VIP horse club here in Iceland.

5.1. Reykjavik and South

This is our hand-picked selection of the top horse riding tours from Reykjavik and in the south:

5.2. Snæfellsnes

horse riding akureyri iceland

Tvistur horse rental in Dalvik

One of the most beautiful horseback riding tours in Iceland is the horse riding on Snæfellsnes beach. The company we loved that will take you exactly to Snæfellsnes beach with their horses is called Stóri Kambur:

5.3. Akureyri

A picturesque green valley is hidden in a mountainous area of the village Dalvik, close to Akureyri. A small family company called Tvistur runs amazing horse riding tours there. Highly recommended:

6. Snowmobiling

snowmobiling from gullfoss

Snowmobiling from Gullfoss

Can you ride a snowmobile in Iceland in the summer? Of course, you can! Thanks to gigantic glaciers, you can snowmobile all year round in Iceland with no issues. There are two top-tier local companies running the best snowmobiling tours in Iceland. The first one, Mountaineers of Iceland, has a base near Gullfoss, and the second one, Icelandic Mountain Guides, sits near Skógafoss. Both these tours are amazing and totally worth taking!

6.1. from Gullfoss

The best company specializing in snowmobiling tours in Iceland with the longest history is undoubtedly Mountaineers of Iceland. We are proud to offer our readers a 5% promo code on all Mountaineers snowmobile tours:

Langjökull ice cave iceland

Langjökull man-made ice cave

6.2. from Reykjavik

The best Reykjavik snowmobiling tours are always combined with some other activities. The reason behind this is quite simple – it’s a long drive from Reykjavik towards the nearest glacier, si it doesn’t make sense to go only for snowmobiling. That’s why tour companies, like Mountaineers, combine the snowmobiles with either the golden circle or an ice cave visit, or with many other different activities.

6.3. from Mýrdalsjökull

snowmobiling myrdalsjokull iceland

Snowmobiling from Mýrdalsjökull

You don’t have to do snowmobiling from Gullfoss or from Reykjavik. There are also other great locations to ride a snowmobile at. One of the best snowmobiling locations in South Iceland is without a doubt the Mýrdalsjökull glacier. The top company running snowmobiling tours there from Vik is Arcanum Adventure Tours, or Icelandic Mountain Guides, or Icelandia – these are all just different names for the same company:

7. Hiking tours

best laugavegur hike guided tour

By far the best Laugavegur hike guided tour by Icelandic Mountain Guides

When looking at the best guided hiking tours in Iceland, the No. 1 company is pretty clear in this case. Icelandic Mountain Guides are by far the best and the longest-operating hiking guide in Iceland. Top reviews, top guides, top tour selection. They offer both physically guided tours as well as self-guided ones.

Many of the most beautiful hiking trails in Iceland are unmarked and often dangerous, so joining a guided hiking tour in Iceland often makes a lot of sense. Hiking tours are also one of the best Iceland summer tours for solo travelers because you can meet a lot of fellow enthusiasts on the same tour. Many hikers even find their future hike-mates on these guided tours.

7.1. Laugavegur guided hike

The most legendary and also the most beautiful multi-day hike in Iceland is the Laugavegur hike. It’s a 4-day hike through harsh but amazingly picturesque Icelandic highlands. It requires a lot of preparation, fording rivers, navigating in bad weather, and on difficult terrain. It, therefore, makes perfect sense to rather enjoy it as a guided tour for anyone less experienced in hiking:

Don’t see the availability in their booking system? No worries, just send them an e-mail and ask about your preferred dates. They may well create a new availability for you. Don’t forget to ask for a 5% EPICICELAND24 discount!

fimmvorduhals hike highest point

Fimmvorduhals hike guided tour

7.2. Fimmvörðuháls guided hike

While Laugavegur is the most beautiful multi-day hike, we argue that the Fimmvörðuháls hike is the best hike in Iceland out of all! At least the best day hike! It’s possible to hike Fimmvörðuháls also on your own, but it requires good planning of your logistics, adjusting to weather conditions, and navigating a slippery terrain while being bounded by bus times. If you want to do it on your own, be sure to read our ultimate guide to the Fimmvörðuháls hike. If you rather want to join the tour, here is the top Fimmvörðuháls hike guided tour:

7.3. Other amazing hikes in Iceland

Looking for off-the-beaten-path hikes in Iceland? Iceland has a clear number 1 company for the most amazing hiking tours with almost no competitors. And that company is Icelandic Mountain Guides. When looking for spectacular hikes, definitely look at all their hiking tours in Iceland:

8. Ice caves

dragon glass katla ice cave iceland

Katla ice cave from Vik

Can you visit ice caves in Iceland in the summer? Yes, you can, but not all of them. There are 3 ice caves open for visitors also during the summer months. The first one is the Katla ice cave near the town of Vik. The second one is the man-made ice cave at the Langjökull glacier and the third one is in Skaftafell. Are ice caves in Iceland worth visiting in summer? Yes, they definitely are! The ice caves look different in summer compared to winter, but they are still very beautiful and worth visiting.

Map of the summer ice caves in Iceland:

8.1. Katla ice cave

The only natural ice cave in Iceland open to visitors in summer is the Katla ice cave. There’s more volcanic ash in Katla compared to for example crystal blue ice cave in Jökulsarlón, so Katla is not as shiningly blue, but this doesn’t mean it is not spectacular! It is! Just in a different way.

8.2. Langjökull ice cave

Langjökull ice cave iceland

Langjökull man-made ice cave

The second ice cave in Iceland that is open also in summer is the Langjökull glacier ice cave. This is the ice cave that was dug by men inside the Langjökull glacier. This means, the ice and the glacier are all-natural, just the ice cave was created artificially by men. Is Langjökull ice cave worth visiting? Yes, it is, it’s a completely different experience to walk through this ice tunnel compared to anything else in Iceland. You can visit this ice cave both as a combo tour with snowmobiles, which we highly recommend, or separately (but it will be a long drive):

8.3. Skaftafell ice cave

Ice cave in Skaftafell is smaller and can be partially or fully melted in summer. This really depends on specific weather conditions. However, even in summer, you can visit the place of the ice cave and observe a smaller or bigger part of it!

summer sapphire crystal blue ice cave iceland

The only summer Sapphire crystal blue ice cave tour by IcePic Journeys, 10% discount code: EPICICELAND

8.4. Sapphire Crystal Blue ice cave

In some summers, it’s possible to visit the most beautiful Crystal Blue Ice Cave also in summer! The only company doing semi-private and private summer tours to Sapphire Ice Cave is an amazing IcePic Journeys:

9. Glacier hike

iceland glacier tour

Amazing glacier hike by, 5% discount code: EPICICELAND

Can you hike glaciers in Iceland in summer? Yes, you can! There are actually many different glacier hiking tours at various locations. Glaciers are omnipresent in Iceland so it’s only up to you which one you want to hike. That being said, you must use a certified guide to hike the glaciers in Iceland, otherwise, you may easily die due to the very dangerous glacial terrain full of crevasses.

What is the best glacier hike in Iceland? Well, this is a highly subjective matter. We loved the most Vatnajökull glacier hike by Local Guide of Vatnajökull (5% discount on all their tours with the discount code: EPICICELAND). It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But also the glacier hikes at Sólheimajökull and in Skaftafell are magnificent, so the choice is up to you. You won’t make a mistake by choosing any of these glacier tours.

Map of the glacier hikes in Iceland:

9.1. Vatnajökull glacier

Vatnajökull Glacier is the biggest Icelandic glacier and the best glacier hiking tours there are run by a small family company Local Guide of Vatnajökull. They have only 5* reviews, great and funny guides, and spectacular tours. We can only highly recommend them.

ice climbing iceland

Top ice climbing tour from Sólheimajökull run by, 5% discount code: EPICICELAND24

9.2. Sólheimajökull glacier

The best glacier hikes in Iceland on the 2 smaller glaciers – Sólheimajökull and Skaftafell are being run by Icelandic Mountain Guides. This is a traditional Icelandic company with almost exclusively 5* reviews:

9.3. Skaftafell glacier

Skaftafell offers great opportunities for glacier hiking and once again Icelandic Mountain Guides run here their fabulous tours:

10. ATVs

atv tours iceland reykjavik

ATV tours from Reykjavik

ATVs are one of the top summer tours in Iceland for adventure seekers. There are multiple great spots all over Iceland to enjoy ATVs or quad bikes. We picked the 3 most popular and most beautiful locations to try ATVs in Iceland. The first one is the vicinity of Reykjavik, the second is Vik with its marvelous black sand beach, and the third is the amazing Westman islands.

There are many different tour variants, some ATV tours are longer and some shorter. With some, you ride alone, with some in doubles. Some allow kids, some don’t. You need to check all these small details yourself. What we’ve done for you, however, is we picked the best ATV tours in Iceland in some of the most picturesque spots.

10.1. from Reykjavik

There are numerous hidden spots around Reykjavik that serve as a great base for Icelandic quad-bike tours. And hands-down the best local family company specializing solely in ATV and Buggy tours from Reykjavik is Safari Quads!

Be sure to try out at least one of their action-packed, once-in-a-lifetime rides! Our readers can also enjoy an exclusive 5% discount code: EPICICELAND24 on all Safari Quads tours!

10.2. from Vik

atv tours vik iceland

ATV tours from Vik

One of the most epic locations in Iceland to try ATVs is undoubtedly the black sand beach near Vik. If we had to pick the single best ATV tour in Iceland it would be this one:

10.3. from Westman islands

Similarly to the black sand beach, the Westman Islands are an amazing spot for ATVs. It’s not only a huge adventure and a thrilling experience, but it’s also a great way to explore the main Heimaey island:

11. Puffin tours

puffin tour from reykjavik

Puffin-watching tour from Reykjavik

Any list of the best summer tours in Iceland would be incomplete without a puffin tour. While you can definitely see puffins also when you drive your own car, it’s much more unique to observe puffins from a boat on the puffin boat tour.  There are several great spots for puffin boat tours around Iceland. Among the best are Húsavík Bay, the surroundings of the Westman islands, and small islands near Reykjavik. Below we picked the 3 best puffin tours in Iceland, according to reviews and our experience.

11.1. Puffin tour from Reykjavik

Can you see puffins in Reykjavik? Well, not directly in Reykjavik, but if you take a boat tour to nearby islands, you definitely can! The best time to see puffins in Iceland is between mid-April and mid-August, so be sure to book your spots during this time.

westman islands puffins storhofdi

Westman Islands puffin tour

11.2. Puffin tour from Westman islands

Westman islands together with the bay around Húsavík are some of the best spots to see puffins in Iceland. You can either drive around Westman islands and find puffins by hiking or you can take a boat tour around the islands, that will find puffins for you:

11.3. Puffin tour from Húsavík

The best whale and puffin-watching company in Iceland with the longest tradition is North Sailing. We highly recommend taking a combo tour of whale watching and puffin watching by North Sailing as this is a 5* reviews company with great and knowledgeable guides:

12. Snorkeling

troll silfra snorkelling classic

Silfra Snorkeling tour

Did you know you can actually snorkel between the two continents in Iceland? This is exactly what has become available in Silfra – a place where two different tectonic plates meet. Many visitors even say that snorkeling was their favorite tour in Iceland. While this is not our case, snorkeling in Iceland is undeniably an interesting and popular activity.

Below are the two best Silfra snorkeling tours in Iceland and the two top diving tours, operated by a clear no.1 snorkeling and diving tour operator in Iceland with 5* only reviews, – PADI 5 Star Dive Center Iceland:

13. Kayaking

glacier lagoon kayaking tour south iceland

Glacier lagoon kayaking tour in south Iceland, 5% discount code: EPICICELAND24

The best kayaking tours in Iceland are paradoxically almost entirely hidden away from the tourist crowds. Everybody talks about snorkeling in Silfra and whale-watching in Reykjavik and that’s why these two aforementioned activities are already highly crowded. But have you heard about glacier lagoon kayaking? If not, it’s at least worth a thought!

14. Photo tours

iceland photo tours

The most amazing Photo tours in Iceland by IcePic Journeys. 10% discount code: EPICICELAND

Looking for professional Photo tours at amazing spots? Definitely check out IcePic Journeys, then! Our readers can enjoy a 10% discount on all their tours with the promo code: EPICICELAND.

Ice Pic Journeys it’s by far the best Icelandic photo tour company. They only have 5.0/5 reviews on Google, Tripadvisor, and Facebook as well. They specialize in Ice Cave and Glacier photo tours but also service amazing South Coast photo tours and Highlands photo sessions! See below the selection of our favorite ones:

15. Golden Circle tours

best golden circle tour iceland

Golden Circle tour

We usually advise against the Golden Circle, because this is where most of the visitors concentrate at. Nevertheless, the Golden Circle with Thingvellir national park is undeniably beautiful and easy to access. The Golden Circle tours are even up to this day the most popular tours in Iceland. We are getting questions on a daily basis asking “what is the best Golden Circle tour?” That’s why we include also this “must-see tour” in our list and we picked the 4 best Golden Circle tours in Iceland from our point of view:

16. Multi-Day tours

best multi day tours iceland

The best multi-day tours in Iceland are run by Nice Travel. 5% discount code: EPICICELAND (valid only for our newsletter subscribers)

If you don’t want to drive and/or you are a solo traveler in Iceland, the best multi-day tours in Iceland may be a good choice for you. The multi-day tours typically include all your accommodations, transfers, and attractions. Some parts of the multi-day tours may sometimes be optional or customizable according to your preferences. The biggest advantage of these kinds of tours is that you don’t have to care about anything. No planning and no worries.

Below we selected the multi-day tours in Iceland we believe are the best in terms of all important aspects. This includes but is not limited to the richness of the schedule, company reviews, quality of the tour guides, price, and group size. Nice Travel limits their tours to max 19 participants, and in reality, there will almost always be fewer attendees.

Codes are valid only for our newsletter subscribers.

17. Private tours

robert private tours

Our private guide Robert, contact us at [email protected] with a 10% discount code: EPICICELAND

Do you want a guide only for yourself? Do you have special wishes? Do you want your trip to be fully tailored to you? Take a private tour then!

Robert is our favorite local guide and a good friend of ours and we know him for a really long time. Besides, he is a real guiding gem! He will fulfill any wish you have at any time and ASAP.

Just write us to [email protected] with a 10% EPICICELAND promo code and we will give you the lowest possible price! 🙂

Best Family tours in Iceland

family whale watching tour iceland

Family whale-watching Húsavík, 10% discount code: EPICICELAND

Are you coming to Iceland with the kids? No worries, there are multiple great options for Iceland summer tours for families. The best summer family tours in Iceland definitely include:

  1. Whale-watching tours – try a traditional boat, rather than a speedboat
  2. Horse riding tours – check the age limit with a particular company, but age is often not any problem
  3. Family Rafting tours – from our feedback, kids love the family rafting
  4. Langjökull ice cave – this is one of the tours which even allows babies

Please always check the age limit for a particular tour. If you are unsure, contact the company, they are typically very responsive and speak good English. Everything is possible in Iceland if you ask nicely 🙂

Best Action tours in Iceland

iceland rafting

Viking rafting from Varmahlid, 10% discount code: EPICRAFTING24

There’s no shortage of adventurous and action-packed tours in Iceland. The top tours in Iceland for adventure lovers include:

  1. Rafting tours – high level of adrenaline guaranteed
  2. ATV tours – the combination of high speed and magnificent surroundings
  3. Snowmobiling tours – you can even try special high-speed snowmobiling (5% discount code: EPICICELAND)
  4. Ice climbing and Glacier hike tours – for those who prefer action on the ice

Best Highlands tours in Iceland

iceland laugavegur trail hike

Icelandic Highlands

Highlands may be sometimes pretty difficult to navigate unless you have a super jeep and proper planning and experience. For the hardest-to-reach spots in Iceland or if you simply don’t feel like going on your own, we recommend the best highlands tours in Iceland:

  1. Super jeep tours – can take you ANYWHERE; we recommend e.g. Thorsmork
  2. Highlands Hiking tours – a lot of hidden gems you may miss when going on your own
  3. Glacier hiking tours – you have to take a guided tour for this unless you are a professional mountaineer

Should you book the tours in advance?

Yes, you definitely should book the tours in Iceland in advance. The most popular tours in the full summer or full winter season are often fully booked months in advance. We recommend booking the tours roughly 3 months in advance and more. This way you will be guaranteed a seat and should always be able to cancel/reschedule if anything unexpected happens.

The vast majority of companies offer free cancellation and/or rescheduling policies when you inform them enough in advance. Typically, you can cancel/reschedule for free up to 1, 2, or 3 days before departure. Some more expensive tours may require a deposit, which is normal and is, again, refundable when canceled/rescheduled enough in advance.


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