Our 12-day self-drive once in a lifetime Icelandic itinerary. List of ALL PLACES to be found here.

Day 2

Harpa Concert Hall

1: Harpa Concert Hall on a rainy evening

reykjavik phallological museum

2: Reykjavik phallological museum, during Covid-19 pandemic

Kleifarvatn lake

3: Kleifarvatn lake near the Seltún geothermal area on our way from Reykjavik towards Keflavik

Seltún geothermal area

4: Seltún geothermal area on our way from Reykjavik towards Keflavik


5: Seljalandsfoss at 7pm

Bottom part of Skógafoss

6: Bottom part of Skógafoss waterfall (and a wedding in the background ☺) at 8pm

Basalt columns Reynisfjara beach

7: Basalt columns at Reynisfjara beach

Rooftop tent in Vik camp

8: Going to sleep in a rooftop tent in Vik campsite


Day 3

Rooftop tent in Vik camp

1: Going to sleep in a rooftop tent in Vik campsite

F208 near Vik

2: Road F208 near Vik towards Landmannalaugar

F235 to Langisjor

3: Out of this world landscapes surrounding F235 road towards Langisjór lake

Langisjór lake

4: Langisjór lake next to Langisjór campsite mark on the map

Sveinstindur near Langisjor

5: Upper part of the hike on Sveinstindur near Langisjor lake on a foggy day with slight rain

F208 after F235 junction

6: Road F208, or Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri, after crossing with F235 towards Landmannalaugar

F208 south near Landmannalaugar

7: Road F208, or Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri, south of Landmannalaugar, coming from Vik direction

Landmannalaugar Brennisteinsalda campsite

8: Landmannalaugar Brennisteinsalda campsite on a summer evening

Landmannalaugar hot spring

9: Landmannalaugar hot spring. Picture taken from


Day 4

Landmannalaugar Brennisteinsalda campsite

1: Landmannalaugar Brennisteinsalda campsite on the summer evening

blahnjukur peak view

2: One of the views from the peak of Bláhnjúkur towards Landmannalaugar and 2nd (steeper) hiking trail

brennisteinsalda top view

3: View from the top of Brennisteinsalda towards Bláhnjúkur

brennisteinsalda peak view

4: View from the top of Brennisteinsalda towards Laugahraun

blahnjukur top view

5: Another view from the peak of Bláhnjúkur towards Landmannalaugar camp, Laugahraun and 2nd (steeper) hiking trail

F208 north horses

6: Horses or “Icelandic ponnies” blocking the F208 road Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri north of Landmannalaugar

Ljotipollur trail

7: Ljotipollur trail

sigoldugljufur canyon

8: Sigoldugljufur canyon. A remote, magical, non-touristy place.


9: Just Haifoss

F208 Fjallabaksleið Nyrðri north

10: F208 road from Landmannalaugar towards F26 on a cloudy day


11: Kirkjubaejarklaustur


Day 5


1: Kirkjubaejarklaustur

fjadrargljufur canyon ropes

2: One of the main viewpoints at Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon

svartifoss viewpoint

3: The closest viewpoint to Svartifoss after sky finally cleared a bit. Still, we are wet in the pic as you may see.

iceberg near fjallsarlon

4: Making fancy iceberg pictures near Fjallsárlón

vestrahorn near hofn

5: Vestrahorn near Hofn

Oxi road 939

6: Icelandic crazy Oxi road 939

Fellabær campsite

7: Fellabær campsite next to Egilsstaðir


Day 6

Fellabær campsite

1: Fellabær campsite next to Egilsstaðir

lysuholslaug showers

2: Lýsuhólslaug hot springs, showers, during Covid-19 pandemic


3: Möðrudalsleið road, the first gravel road you’re gonna encounter when coming from Egilsstaðir direction

f905 to askja

4: F905 to Askja on an exceptionally beautiful sunny summer day

F910 askja

5: F910 towards Askja

dreki mountain huts

6: Dreki Mountain Huts

vikraborgir parking askja

7: Vikraborgir car park, the closest point available on your route towards Askja/Víti crater

askja oskjuvatn viti

8: Amazingly beautiful Askja (the whole area), Víti (the crater lake) and Öskjuvatn (the bigger lake nearby) all in one picture

f910 austurleid askja

9: F910, or Austurleið, continuation of road F905 towards Askja

modrudalsleid f905 askja

10: Crossroads between Möðrudalsleið road and F905

studlagil canyon west side

11: Stuðlagil Canyon, view from the western side

modrudalur camp

12: Möðrudalur campsite


Day 7

modrudalur camp

1: Möðrudalur campsite

tourists at Dettifoss

2: Observe tourists on our side (east) and the other side (west) of the Dettifoss

selfoss east

3: East viewpoint of the Selfoss waterfall

hverir aka namaskard

4: Hverir, aka Námaskarð, in the front with Námafjall mountain in the background

namafjall view

5: View from the Namafjall mountain

namafjall trail

6: Námafjall clay trail

krafla leirhnjukur trail

7: Krafla, start of the Leirhnjukur trail

krafla viti lake

8: Víti lake in the Krafla area

krafla lava fields

9: Krafla lava fields

hverfjall summit

10: At the summit of Hverfjall

Godafoss before sunset

11: Godafoss before sunset

ring road varmahlid svinavatn

12: Ring road no. 1 between Varmahlíð and Svínavatn

varmahlid campsite

13: Varmahlid campsite


Day 8

varmahlid campsite

1: Varmahlid campsite

f35 kjalvegur

2: F35, aka Kjalvegur, near Hveravellir

Hveravellir hot spring

3: The only Hveravellir hot spring for bathing. Image: courtesy of

kerlingarfjoll mountain resort

4: Kerlingarfjöll mountain resort campsite

f347 near hveradalir

5: F347 road next to Hveradalir hot spring area in Kerlingarfjoll

kerlingarfjoll hveradalir stairs

6: Clay staircase in Hveradalir area of Kerlingarfjöll

gullfoss in the evening

7: Gullfoss at the time of our visit, i.e. 7pm


8: Strokkur by

Fludir campsite

9: Fludir campsite


Day 9

Fludir campsite

1: Fludir campsite

hruni hot spring

2: Tranquil scenery of Hruni hot spring

road 55 heydalsvegur

3: Road 55 – Heydalsvegur

landbrotalaug hot spring

4: Closed Landbrotalaug hot spring, resembling a mud hole

hellissandur road Útnesvegur

5: Útnesvegur road near Hellissandur

kirkjufell in rain

6: Kirkjufell on a rainy, foggy summer day

hellissandur campsite

7: Hellissandur campsite on a foggy, rainy evening


Day 10

hellissandur campsite

1: Hellissandur campsite on a foggy, rainy evening

saxholl crater staircase

2: Saxhóll crater – staircase

londrangar cliffs

3: This is how Londrangar cliffs are supposed to look like on a beautiful day. We, however, saw only their silhouette in the fog

icelandic horse riding snaefellsnes beach

4: Horse riding on a Snaefellsnes beach

lysuholslaug hot spring

5: Lýsuhólslaug hot spring

gudrunarlaug hotpot neighborhood

6: Neighborhood of the Guðrúnarlaug hot spring

drangsnes campsite

8: Drangsnes campsite next to the beautiful fjord


Day 11

drangsnes campsite

1: Drangsnes campsite next to the beautiful fjord

road 643 near Arneshreppur

2: Overview of Strandavegur, a.k.a. road 643


3: Krossneslaug

djupavik westfjords

4: Djupavik

road 643 westfjords

5: Semi-paved road 643 with many potholes

Horgshlidarlaug hot spring

7: Hörgshliðarlaug hot spring in the heart of fjord

seal lookout at road 61

9: If you want to approach the seals, you have to jump through these very slippery blocks

thingeyri campsite sunset

12: Picturesque sunset at Þingeyri campsite


Day 12

thingeyri campsite sunset

1: Picturesque sunset at Þingeyri campsite

Dynjandi Vestfjarðavegur road 60

2: Road 60, or Vestfjarðavegur in Westfjords towards Dynjandi waterfall

dynjandi waterfall trail

3: Dynjandi waterfall trail

crossroads bildudalsvegur vestfjardavegur

4: Crossroads of the roads 60 and 63 or Bíldudalsvegur and Vestfjarðavegur

Reykjafjarðarlaug hot pool

5: Reykjafjarðarlaug hot pool

breidavik beach

6: Breiðavík beach next to the road 612

latrabjarg westfjords

7: Látrabjarg on a sunny day

hnjotur musem plane wreck 2

8-9: Plane wreck in front of the Hnjótur museum

Garðar BA 64 shipwreck road 612 Orlygshafnarvegur

10: Garðar BA 64 shipwreck next to the road 612 Örlygshafnarvegur

raudisandur beach

11: Rauðisandur beach

hellulaug hot spring

13: Hellulaug hot spring