Private Tours and Transfers in Iceland

We can arrange for you any private transfer, highlands taxi, private tour, local guide, or even a convoy driver if you want to drive on your own. We have a network of local drivers all around Iceland and can connect you to them for the cheapest price available. Some examples of what we can arrange:

Highlands Transfers

  • Transfer to any place even in the highlands (the so-called Highlands Taxi)
  • Tandem driver or Convoy driver (if you want to drive on your own, but want a company to help in case of trouble)
  • Super jeep tours at ANY place in the highlands, for any time you need
  • We can arrange for any wish, nothing is impossible 🙂

2024 PRICE LIST: around 160 000 ISK (1100 USD) per day, per car. Final price depends on trip details.

f233 river crossing iceland

Crossing the (often) treacherous Syðri-Ófæra river on F233

Additionally, we can also create a fully customized private tour with a car, driver, and accommodation and plan it for you for a pre-specified fee, see below.

Do you like what you see? Do you want to see it too, on a private tour? Contact us! 


private super jeep tour

Private super jeep tour or a super jeep convoy driver

Private Tours

We can tailor your tour exclusively for you and your group, including:

  • Fully personalized and customizable itinerary
  • Car, bus, or super jeep with a driver
  • Local guide with deep knowledge of Iceland
  • Accommodation
  • Tips for places only locals know
  • Tips for non-touristy, authentic restaurants and meal places