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[T]his website has been my most helpful resource by far. Without you two, I genuinely would not have had a good time in Iceland. (…) This website is maybe the one website I will always keep in my head as the website that MADE our trip. I hope you continue to travel to Iceland and continue to inspire young adventurers like me in the future as well. I am very thankful for the effort you have put into the website and you deserve so much for your work. 12 June, 2022


Your content is by far the most practical guide for Iceland, that actually prepares you for what is out there. I’ve been on numerous trips in Iceland and I’m very happy to have found your content. It’ll be much smoother sailing now 🙂   – September 19, 2023


Your guide is phenomenal! We were there beginning of February and the weather was brutal. Stopped us from seeing so many things, but we are going back July/August this year again for 10 days to experience this beautiful country in calmer and warmer weather. Your guide will help us immensely. Thank you so much.  – April 4, 2022


Just a short message to thank you for your blog about the F-roads and river crossing. Game changer! Merci! – August 3, 2022 


Very good work with the page and the info within. In spite of visiting Iceland 4 times, I found many useful tips and info that helped making my trip to Iceland few weeks ago as the best vacation that I have had. 🙂 –  August 6, 2023


Just wanted to say – you are doing an amazing job with your website! This is perhaps the most efficient and detailed source/website about Iceland I have seen. As a longtime Iceland lover and as a site operator about Iceland myself (…), I draw a lot of inspiration from you and your site and totally strive to reach the level of accuracy and amount of information it offers. Thank you very much and well done! – July 8, 2022


Without a doubt, best material on Icelandic roads on the internet. If it hadn’t been for Epiciceland I’d skip the Highlands entirely. It has basically all the info you need, what to expect…. Difficulty, what car, photos, ranked landmarks, waterfalls, geothermal spots and even videos of the Highlands roads itself. I definitely recommend it to anyone planning their trip especially since it has info that I could not find anywhere else on the internet.12 December, 2022 


I am absorbing every story on your epiciceland.net website the past few days! So many good tips, detailed guides and experiences from your Iceland travels! I love it. It really helps me preparing my trip in August! 🙂 – March 22, 2023


Igor is the perfect man you need to contact if you want to make a decent trip in Iceland. We asked him something difficult to find and I would say he managed quite easily to do it. Most of all he is really responsive and always there if help needed during your trip. Without and doubt go for him !!!!! – November 18, 2022 


Went to Iceland for the first time this year in June and I can say I own it to you a LOT. You’ve put together amazing information that every traveller should know of, especially when trying to access the most remote (and fantastic) places. Big thanks for all of that. – December 15, 2022


Based on your feedback and advice we rented a car at Lotus Car Rental. Very professional and friendly car renting company. (…) Really a very good car rental experience. Thank you Epic Iceland for the good advice for car rental. In addition, the Epic Iceland website was one of our main sources of information (on F-roads, hotsprings, waterfalls, etc.). Especially the Google Maps overviews were extremely helpful. Also a big thanks for that. – August 28, 2023


Igor is very generous in giving help, giving us best advices when I’m planning my trip to Iceland. Personalized schedule and detailed information is what they can offer!  – April 15, 2023


I just wanted to say a massive thank you! I just spent two weeks in Iceland and used your website as a guide to see some very amazing places! Thanks again. – June 6, 2023


By far the best Icelandic Highlands website information. I have seen all the Youtube videos you posted. I live in Iceland 6 monts each year since 23 years ago and I never had such a good information like you posted. Thanks/Gracias. – June 29, 2023


Thanks so much for all the information you provide on this site. It’s so useful when preparing our 2nd visit to Iceland. (…) Preparing the rest of the holiday is so much fun with all the details you provide. Keep up the good work of providing all of us with so much useful, practical and detailed information. 🙂 – May 7, 2023


Thank you so much for the precious information you are giving us fellow travelers with your superb website, it’s the main source I am using for planning my second travel throughout Iceland that will be more Highlands focused. – June 6, 2022


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Thank you! I can’t believe I didn’t come across this one when googling! Have watched many videos, but this link looks to be very informative! – January 24, 2023


I understand why this website is called Epic Iceland. Because of the epic lists like this! Fantastic job with the maps, all the descriptions. Even links to trails. Stunning! – April 19, 2023


EPIC article. Thanks that was exacly for what I was looking for when researching about renting a car at Iceland. Now I can rent a car and enjoy my holidays without a fear. – August 8, 2021


We went there 2 weeks ago and used your guide. Thank you for this great guide all the explanations and links, helped so much!! – August 6, 2023


Your site just keeps getting better and better! It really covers a lot of bases that are poorly covered in other online sources, at least in English. Thanks again for all you do. – April 16, 2023


I love your webpages, it’s honestly the best one out there for Iceland. – March 23, 2023


A great article! It helped me to plan my travel. – November 16, 2021


It’ll be my first time traveling to Iceland in early September and I cannot tell you what a help your site has been! – June 2, 2022


Great post! Full information about super jeeps! – April 3, 2023


Thanks also for all information about F-roads. This convinced us to go to Laki and Askja with our Duster and we did it without any problems. – September 9, 2023


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This was so in-depth and detailed. I love when people have maps and temperatures instead of just giving a dream list. – August 10, 2022


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