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Ultimate Epic Iceland Map 2023

  • All amazing places in Iceland in one interactive map!
  • Hot springs, waterfalls, hidden gems and places only locals know about.
  • More than 1500 spots around Iceland.
  • Highlands, F-roads, Canyons, Beaches, Museums, Churches, Hikes. Gas stations & supermarkets.

Buy a 3-month access:

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This is an introductory offer. We plan to increase the price soon.

What is included

Map of every interesting or important place in Iceland for the price of one pizza 🍕

3000 hours of our Icelandic research in one map:

  • ALL places mentioned on our website
  • 1500+ pins to all exciting and essential places in Iceland
  • 60+ Hot Springs
  • 130+ Waterfalls
  • 50+ Highlands spots and hikes
  • 80+ F-roads and Tracks
  • 500+ Canyons, Beaches, Museums, Churches, Hikes, Swimming Pools, etc.
  • 200 campsites and mountain huts
  • 400 gas stations and super markets
  • Bonus: 100 Favorite Epic Iceland Spots
  • Regular updates
  • Pins in real time around you (with internet connection)
map iceland best spots

We include a photo, a link with information and sometimes also a short description for every place.

How it works

  • The Map works on Google Maps Only!
  • You MUST HAVE Gmail OR Google account!
  • You will receive access and instructions to the map within 24 hours by email!
  • No refunds can be provided, sorry for that.
  • The Map can only be used by a person who purchased it. If you distribute the content of the map to someone else, your map access will immediately be removed with no refund.

Buy a 3-month access:

Buy a Lifetime access:

map iceland hidden gems

All hidden gems and off-the-beaten-path places are included.


Can I pay in a currency other than Euros?

Yes, of course! You can pay in any currency you like. The payment will be automatically converted to euros.

Does the map work on a mobile phone?

Yes, of course! On every mobile phone with Google Maps.

How to BEST use the map?

There are two main use cases we recommend:

  • Plan your trip in advance, thanks to the unique database of 1500+ places
  • Once in Iceland, check out what is nearby in real time!

If I buy 3-month access, what happens after 3 months?

Your access will be removed.

map all places iceland

We have included all the amazing spots from our website in our Map of Iceland.

When can I get a refund?

Refund will be issued only and only if an error during the payment process occurs on our side. We are unable to issue refunds if you mistakenly enter the wrong email address or if you don’t have a Gmail account. Sorry for that!

Is the Payment process Secure?

Of course! The payment process is fully handled by Stripe – one of the largest payment providers in the world.

Does the map contain restaurants and hotels?

As of now it does not. We may add them in the future, though. If you buy a lifetime access, any future map upgrade will be included for no additional charge.

What will be the new increased price?

We are thinking about double the current price. Which is still a VERY LOW price (one lunch?) given the value contained in the map.

iceland map best places

All F-roads and Tracks are part of the map.

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Posted by Igor

Igor has spent months exploring every inch of Iceland over several years. He specializes in the Highlands, F-roads, hiking, hot springs, and less touristy places. He loves Iceland and keeps coming back.


Hi Igor, thanks so much for providing so much detailed information! We’re the 5th day in Iceland and every day I’ve been using this website to plan all our activities, from selecting the right 4X4 to during the travel itself!
The interactive map is the missing piece of the puzzle! This makes it very easy to check what’s around, especially interesting when adjusting the travel plans is required.
Thanks a million!

Thank you very much Elke for your kind words! I hope you will enjoy Iceland to the fullest and come back again some day!

Hi Igor, I spent endless hours on your website and youtube channel, found tons of really useful and amazing information! Congratulations for all the work you guys have done, it’s awesome and really helpful to all those planning their trip to Iceland!
I’m going to buy your map, I’m pretty sure it’ll come very in handy on our trip that starts on August, 25.
One thing I notice it seems to be missing that I found elsewhere, are the toilets location. I think it would be great to have them on it. Other than that, it looks like everything is in there!
Thank you!

Hi Fabio, thank you so much for your nice words! Hope you’ll have a fantastic trip! And thanks for the toilet tip, that’s a good idea we will add them with the next update!

I’m trating to download the map, but is impossible, please contact with me to these email [email protected]
I see that you made a great work and I will like to enjoy my trip with your advices

Hi David, I checked, and I believe you should have a well-working access now 🙂 If anything, let us know!

When I click on the “buy now” button, it keeps “processing” but never continues. Tried on different browsers and different devices.

Hi Sam, we had a short-term issue with the payment system – now everything works perfectly 🙂 Hope you enjoy the map!

I already downloaded the map, the truth is that it is very complete more because it links to the web, good job

Thank you very much David! I hope you will enjoy the map and your Icelandic trip too!

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